Friday, October 26, 2012

We're Back!

Hey guys!
     It has been awhile, the team has changed hands a few time over with the flow of graduating and new members- but here we are again!!!  Kim has travel on you pursue a Doctorate in Sports Psychology in UNCG! Congrats to her and good luck!  
     We were lucky to have found ourselves a couple of new driven students, Matt Robins and Robert Burgel!  Matt is a is the DPT program at UTC and will be a great asset to the team.  He was hit by a car last year and have to undergo knee surgery as a result, but is a strong individual and is starting to pedal again.  Robert (Jack) is a Masters student and Cat 2 on the road.  Both are taking leadership positions on the team and we are excited for this next year!
    This year we have already seen a great number of students with an interest. We should have a good year this year!  Can not wait for road season to start!
A quick "Good bye" to those who have put in time of this team and we would like to thank for their efforts and contributions!
Don Humphries   Don is graduating this Dec.  He has been a major drive of this team for three years.  When he first started I remember thinking he was a very strong rider  but new to the sport.  He was not experienced in the "group ride" area and was new to training on the bike.  Of the team he was one who raced the most and trained the most. He is a very dedicated athlete.  He has made tremendous strides and is now well known in the community for his long hard pulls on the front and swiftness up the climbs- not much of a sprinter ;)
James Eubank  James Graduated this summer.  He has been the heart of this team for three years.  He started as a guy on a fixed gear just rolling around town and occasionally riding his mountain bike.  James is one of the most humble and deviously talented riders you will ride with.  He is tremendously light hearted and can make any ride fun, even the one meant to be painful.  He has been very open to every type of racing and has raced for UTC on the road and in the dirt.  His skillz as bada**
   Both guys are staying in the area and are still down to ride.  But THANK YOU for being a part of the team and great friends !!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Regular Season Over!

It went by quick but conference has come and past and Nationals is creeping closer.  We have three going to nationals: David Talbott, Kim, and Steph.
This seasons over all results:
David Talbott (Mens A): GA Tech(10th RR, DNF RR(2)), Clemson (RR 10th), Mars Hill (RR 6th Crit 28th), King College (5th RR), Conference (Crit DNF, RR DNF-Pot hole)
                Overall: (as of pre-conference 13th)
Don Humphreys (Mens C): GA Tech(8th RR, 2nd TTT, 10 RR(2)), Mars Hill (RR 9th, Crit 25th) King College (Crit 4th, RR 7th AND Mens 4 RR 7th), Conference (16th Crit 16th RR)
                Overall:TBA (as of pre-conference 10th)
Brett Morgan (Mens C): Conference (31st RR)
James Eubank (Mens C): GA Tech (20th RR, 2nd TTT, 19th RR(2)), King College (Crit 15th,) Conference (Crit 28th RR 28th)
Brendon Taylor(Mens C): GA Tech ( DNF RR, 2nd TTT, DNF RR(2)), Clemson (RR 25th), King College (RR 4th), Conference (RR 22nd)
               Overall:TBA (as of pre-conference 15th)
Rob Hill(Mens C): GA Tech(17th RR, 2nd TTT, 13th RR(2)),  Mars Hill (RR 18th Crit 17th)
Chris Morrison: GA Cup Series
Kim (Women A):GA Tech (1st RR, 1st TTT, 2nd RR(2)), King College (1st RR AND 1st Women 123), Conference (Crit 3rd, RR 2nd)
               Overall:TBA (as of pre-conference 7th)
Stephanie(Women A): GA Tech (5th RR,1st TTT, RR(2)), Conference (Crit 8th, RR DNF-Pot hole)
               Overall:TBA (as of pre-conference 9th)
Amanda (Women A):GA Tech (8th RR, 1stTTT, 8th RR(2))

TEAM OVER ALL (as of King College) 9th!!!!!!
Nationals Madison WI!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Rule changes for SECCC

Numbers: Just like last year, we've ordered "conference" numbers that will be color-coded for each category. These numbers will be yours for the entire season; if you lose yours, the conference has one duplicate copy to give you. The exception to this rule will be the UF races. Like in past years, they will be providing numbers for their race weekend only, given that they host citizen races as well. The conference numbers will be given out at Ga Southern.

Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is open for all of the spring races through It is done through Google Docs, so there is no cost to the rider. Please take the time to pre-register for the races before you go; even if you are not 100% sure you are going to attend, having your information makes it much easier for the promoting schools to register you, and it also makes scoring much easier. The most important part of the process is your USAC number; that ties your entry all the way to results, so please make sure you have your USAC number correctly entered when pre-registering. If you have a large team and want to pre-register the riders directly on a spreadsheet, send me an e-mail and I'll make that option available.

Licenses: It's a good idea to renew your license before you come to the first race weekend. It's just a lot easier to do it online, and much more efficient. Remember, if you are buying a standard USAC license, the collegiate license add-on is free. Just remember to check the collegiate box when purchasing the license. Otherwise, it's an additional $15 or so for a collegiate license after the fact. In the same vein, I've received a lot of upgrade requests. That's just another good thing to take care of before you arrive at a race weekend.

Men's D/Intro Category: This year will be the first year we try out a Men's D/Intro category. This race is designed for the beginner, cat5 racer and will include a short instruction period with a cat3 racer or higher. This is your opportunity to bring out someone who is new to the sport and who doesn't necessarily have 4k invested in a bike (or even $50 invested in a jersey!). Hopefully, this category will break down some of the intimidation barriers to the sport that exist out there.

Camera System: You might remember that last year you were charged an additional $1 for each race (to $14 from $13) last spring. That money went to buy a high-speed camera, so that results should be quicker and much improved this year. 

New Rules: A couple of new rules to remember this spring...first of all, the "no-aero" rule will go into effect this spring for all classes (last year, it excluded the A category). So, no aero equipment will be allowed in either the ITT or TTT events. In addition to that, a new conference rule will determine conference champions as those who score the most points based on half of the conference events (rounded up), plus conference finals. Last year, all of the races counted towards determining SECCC champions.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Road Schedule up!

2010 Schedule

RoadFeb 5-6
University of Florida

Feb 12-13
Georgia Southern

Feb 26-27
Florida State

Mar 5-6
University of Alabama

Mar 12-13
Georgia Tech

Mar 26-27

Apr 2-3
Mars Hill

Apr 9-10
King College

Apr 16-17
Mercer (Conference)

May 6-8
Wisconsin-Madison (Nationals)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kim Fasczewski....NATIONAL CHAMP!!!!

A Wild Ride.

Whew. Okay so I know I have slacked off a ton this fall with my posting but I have been racing, I promise. Grad school is awesome but all consuming; blame Statistics for my lack of timely posts.

This fall has been riddled with highs and lows in my racing. I had one incredible day in Ohio, two disappointing days in Ohio, some fantastic racing in Georgia and North Carolina and  some challenging days at the USGP in Louisville. The short version of everything: I spent half the season battling a sinus infection that I did not know I had and another couple of weeks dealing with the aftermath of the flood caused by a broken pipe the weekend of Ohio. My Cross season was a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Even on the bad days I found some good things. At the USGP in Louisville I was on antibiotics (finally) from the sinus infection and was not at 100%. My goal was to work on bike handling and my starts. I had fantastic starts all weekend. I was top 5 going onto the dirt both days. I faded after that, but the initial effort was there. I learned how to push through the bad days and have fun just racing my bike.

In North Carolina I was healthy and ready to race. I had a great weekend. It was a UCI weekend and I rode as well as I ever have with 7th and 6th place finishes. WooHoo!!! I was finally starting to find my legs... hopefully this was going to be my year at Nationals. I finished the Georgia series strong, I remain undefeated in the Southeast. I sure do love the GA Cross scene. What an incredible group of women. And my teammates are also hooked. Look for more of the team in GA next fall.

This past week was Nationals in Bend, OR. Against my better judgement we loaded up a ridiculous amount gear and got on an airplane in hopes of glory; or at least a lot of fun. It is exam week so I had to do a little bit of sweet talking to make sure it was okay for me to be gone. I was registered for 3 races (plus a TT for start position in the Masters race); collegiate, masters and elite. As a full time student, I was eligible to race the collegiate race and I wanted to support my school and the cycling team by representing at nationals.

The TT was my first event and I rocked it. I took second and I was psyched. Unfortunately I rocked it a little bit too well and my legs had nothing the next day for the actual masters race. I had a horrible day. Grrr. Okay now I am just angry. After a day of recovery I was going to rip off some legs in the collegiate race. I wanted to come home with a medal so badly I could taste it.

The collegiate race and the elite race were the same day so we had some interesting logistics to contend with. The morning was a balancing act of eating, warming up, racing, cleaning up, eating, more warming up and racing again. We would be lucky if we pulled it off. I could have never done it without Mark's help. Thanks babe!!! My warm-up began before the sun came up (my first race was at 8am) and I was sleepy but excited. I was definitely the "old lady" of the collegiate ranks. I did not know a single person I was racing against so I was just going to have to take it as it came. UTC is  Division 2 for cycling; both D1 and D2 were racing at the same time with a 1 minute gap between us. They sent off the D1 ladies and I was focused. It was show time. They blew the whistle and I was immediately at the front with three other girls. Okay, I am going to settle in and see where I stack up against them. After the fist minute or so I knew I was "on". My body felt good and everything was rolling perfect. I LOVE that feeling. I passed the front girls and never looked back. I floated over the mud and flew around the course. I crossed the finish line with my arms in the air. I had just won a national championship!!!!!!

The rest of the day was a blur. Somehow I cleaned up, ate and made it to awards before it was time to race the elite race. The elite race was my victory lap. I enjoyed every second of being out there and even though my legs were done I pushed hard and did okay. I know I could have raced a lot better had I not already raced that morning but I no longer cared where I finished. I just wanted to enjoy the race and the cheers. The fans were incredible. I still finished in the top half, almost top third (47th out of 111 starters) with tired legs and a tired (extremely MUDDY) bike. I collapsed that evening and didn't even get to celebrate. I was too exhausted.

We are now on the journey home. My season has been the most incredible one ever.

I raced for the US National Team at a World Cup.

I won a gold medal and a national championship jersey.

What a wild ride it has been.

Thanks for reading....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camp Jordan Cross

This Last weekend GA Cross hosted a race near town and Stephanie and Kim came out and raced.  Kim kicked major butt (passed most of the men) taking the win for the Women's 123 field.  Steph raced her first CX race and came in third for the Women's 4 field!

Friday, November 5, 2010


For the 2010-2011 Collegiate Cycling season we now have our sponsor list!!!  Please take the time to thank them if you see them on the road/trail!!!

Technology Projects-
Sterchi Construction-
Pilates Of Chattanooga-
Warp 9 Bicycles-
Multisport Direct-
Velo Coffee-
Scenic City Velo-
Krystal Burgers